Halloween - Pumpkins Risotto!

This is also the recipe for basic preparation of risotto: you can change the vegetable you prefer and enjoy with your fantasy!

You need olive oil, onion, chicken breast soup, salt, rice and the pumpkin.Cut the onion in small cubes and cook it with some oil. When the onion is clear, nearly white, add the pumpkin, cut into small cubes. Let them cook, stiring.When it's ready, drop the rise (we generally consider 60-70 gr each person) and stir together with the onion for a few minutes. Then drop some chicken soup and continue stiring. Use the chicken soup little by little, otherwise you risk to obtain a soup instead of a risotto! :-) When rice is 'nearly cooked', take off the fire, add some grated Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, mix together and serve warm!

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