Fegatini Patè

You need: chicken liver, onions, butter, sage, salt and olive oil, wine (half a glass), capers, anchovy.

Fegatini patè is famous all over the world, and this recipe is one of my favorites!
It's also my personal version (you'll notice that in other versions of this recipe, anchovies are cooked together with liver or they don't use wine, a.s.o.)
Take a sauce pan and put small butter (1 tablespoon) to let it melt on the fire, then cut the onion and sage, drop them with the butter. While waiting for the onion to be cooked, wash well the chicken liver, the capers (and the anchovy, if you like) and cut them into pieces.
When the onion is cooked (it generally takes 5-10 minutes), drop all the other ingredients, some salt and mix together.
Liver is quite fast in cooking and you'll notice it from the compactness of it. Drop the wine and let it steam. Then, take your blender to mix all together into a very fine sauce; if you think it's to dry, just add a small spoon of olive oil. Serve warm, better if with toasted bread and orange-butter. (see the recipe into 'basic cooking')
I generally use Vinsanto insted of red wine, it gives a special flavor to the patè!

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