Panna cotta

This cake is perfect for any occasions, and it can be combined with fruits or chocolate (I prefer hot, dark chocolate).

Simple version, quick and tasty!

Panna cotta & Caramel

For 8 people, you need:

  • 800 gr cream, 
  • 250 gr milk, 
  • 200 gr sugar, 
  • 12 gr gelatine, 
  • vanilla extract or seeds

Melt gelatine with a bit of warm water.

Into a sauce pan, pour milk, cream, the sugar and vanilla; bring to moderate fire melting and being careful not to make it boil.
Make it cook for 15 minutes, then melt the gelatin, mixing with a spoon.

Drop the cream into small cups and put into the fridge for 6 hours at least.

Before serving, decorate with fresh fruits, candied peel (see recipe here) or dark chocolate!

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