Old&new Glasses

One of my passions is about Glasses! I like to prepare the table with different and colorful glasses, old and new, crystal and simple glass.
Glasses give the table a smart touch, the define the style of the atmosphere!

This's a choice of those I used for preparing the dinner table some days ago:

Water glasses are 4: grey one is from Ikea (http://www.ikea.it/) while orange, red and violet are no branded (I bought them in a store); wine glasses are IVV (http://www.ivvnet.it/) an Italian firm which produces glasses and crystal items and it's placed in the nearby of Florence; Villeroy&Boch ( http://www.villeroy-boch.com/it/it/home.html ).
This brand seems to have an online store: http://www.villeroy-boch.com/en/gb/home/the-company/discover-villeroy-boch/outlet-shops.html

The other 3 small glasses are old glasses that I bought during my trips at the flea markets around Tuscany.

We call them 'glasses for VinSanto', because they're small and generally used at the end of a lunch for drinking a little Limoncello, VinSanto or Grappa. Infact they're about 3-4 cm high.
One is pale pink, an other grey and decorated with silver flowers and leaves.
Although they're so small they give a very smart and fine touch to the style of your table decoration: I like the contrast between modern dishes and classicla glasses, modern colors such as pale grey table linens, combined to the romatic feeling of old glasses.

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