Pomarola sauce

One of the most famous and tipycal Italian cooking recipe!

Ingredient x people: 1 kg red tomatoes, 1 white onion, 1 carrot, 1 sedano stem, olive oil, salt

Preparation: This is the main pomarola recipe, but there're several other versions, I'll publish them in the future!

Wash the tomatoes. Clean the carrot, the onion and the sedano stem, cut them into small cubes and drop into a sauce pan with 4 tbspoon olive oil. Add the tomatoes and let cook at medium heat for 1 hour, checking that tomatoes don't become dark and burned. They've to cook slowly so that they drop all the water. Then take a strainer, pour everything so to let water of cooking go away. When water ha gone, take a passaverdure, and blend eveything. Pour into a saucepan and bopil for 15 minutes, adding 1 tbspoon olive oil and salt. Add some basil to decorate and to give flavor.

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