Schiacciata with olive oil

Bread and Schiacciata are typical prepation of our trditional cooking!
Nowadays we can commonly use a mixing-machine to knead.
Anyway if you take your time, you can also find a very relaxing activity making the dough on your own, with your hands!

Ingredients are: 25 gr baking powder, 500 gr white flour, some warm water, a bit salt, 2 spoons olive oil

Melt the baking powder with some warm water and add the flour slowly. Work with hands,add the 2 spoons of olive oil and let it rest as far as it double the shape. (it generally depends on the weather and temperature of the room; if the weather is rainy it takes much more to grow up, while it grows up quickly when it's sunny and very hot).
Then prepare an oven pirofila and flat it, dropping some 'C' of olive oil and salt. Put into the oven at 200°C for half an hour.

Suggestions: If you like you can use some rosmarine to decorate before putting into the oven.It'll give a special flavor to the schiacciata.

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