Rice and beans soup

• beans kg1

• rice (70 gr each people)

• 2 slices garlic

• sage

• olive oil

• salt and pepper.

Cook the beans with 1 1/2 water with salt, garlic and sage.

When the beans will be ready you can decide if mixing them or not; it's important that you don't drop the water of cooking, because you'll use it for cooking the rice.

If you decide to mix them, let all the water, make them boil, and when they reach the boiling temperature, drop the rice and mix with a spoon to avoid the rice to stick on the ground of the pan.

If you prefer not to mix the beans, then drop directly the rice and let it cook in the same way. You'll notice that at the end of cooking, no more water will be visible into the sauce pan!

Serve with some olive oil and rosmarine, if you like.

This is one of the most famous cooking recipes from Tuscany country living! Sometimes it has been figured into rinascimental paintings!

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