Bridal chairs covers

Starting about WEDDING, I went across several blogs and websites which offer a lot of solutions for events arragements.
From luxury to low cost solutions, I just selected these two, that can give you ideas and suggestions.

wonderful site into which yopu can really find a lot of solutions: you can choose the kind of chair, the cover and color too!
The one above, is one of my favorites!
You can also match with tablecloth!

This here is from and the item page is this:

Colorful and cheap, it's perfect for open-air weddings and events in general, kid's birthdays and funny dinners with friends! You can use with each kind of chair, it's easy and quick to place, and they give a fresh look to your table! Orange, light green and a classical beige!

Otherwise, if your bidget allows you ;-), here you're creativity, color and luxury!

 The three pictures above, come from where you can find a very wide collection of linens and inspiration!

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