Do you like FRITTELLE? :-)

In Italy we have Carnival and during this period, that this year ends next Tuesday, we prepare tipical cakes, such as Frittelle. One of the most common recipes is this:
Rice frittelle
200 gr rice, 1/2 liter milk, 2 eggs, 4 yolks, 4 spoons of flour, 30 gr butter, 100 gr raisins, 1/2 glass Rhum, 1 small spoon yeast, 1 lemon, salt, oil to fridge

Let the milk boil with 2 glass of water and a few salt, then drop the rice and after a few seconds, drop the butter, 30 gr sugar and peel of the lemon, finely minched.Let all cook well, all the liquid will be absorbed, then take from fire and let the rice be cold.Add the yolks, yeast, flour, Rhum and raisins, mix all very well and gently, and at the end just before fridging, add the whipped albumen.Take a small quantity of mix, helping with a spoon, and fridge in bloing olive oil, turning on both sides, as far as it takes a golden color.Serve warm, dusting with sugar.

Suggestions: while taking the frittelle out of boling oil, put them on a towel or a absorbent paper, to eliminate excess of oil. In this way frittelle will be 'lightier'!
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