Tiramisù with fruits

This's one of the most wellknown Italian cake, but... but it's a personal version! :-)
When Summer is close and you have fresh fruits, you can substitute chocolate and coffe with this.
It's a very easy preparation and takes only 20 minutes

Ingredients x 4-6 people:

•4 eggs

•150 gr sugar

•500 gr mascarpone cheese

•300 gr savoy biscuits

•cocoa powder

•fresh fruit (or under syrup)

•2-3 table spoons liquor

Scramble egg yolks and sugar together until thick and frothy, then add all mascarpone cheese and blend smoothly.

Whip the albumens and add to the mixture of yolks.

Dip the savoy biscuits into syroup or fruit juice, cut fruit into small cubes, if you like you can add 2-3 table spoons liquor.

Take a rectangular serving dish or singular cups and line with singular layers.

Mascarpone cream on top, spreading with cocoa powder or amaretti biscuits. Take into fridge for at least 2 hours. You can serve with chocolate biscuits such as the Italian 'Batticuori' by Mulino Bianco.

You can have different version: raspberry, peach, apricots...

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