Cotogne apples 3 kg, sugar 2 kg, almond oil

This is an ancient recipe for confectionary. You can still find it into Tuscany stores, during September and October.
Clean apples and put them into a mould, then put them into the oven for 30 minutes at 180° C.
Peel them and remove the seeds, then mix them into the blender.

Weight this paste and drop it into a sauce pan, add the same weight of sugar, put on the fire, mixing continuosly.

After 30 minutes, cotognata is ready.

Grease a pirofila with almond oil, drop the cotognata, let it rest for several hours (a night time should be sufficient) and then, cut it into small cubes.

If you like, you can cover all the cubes with sugar and preserve them into alluminium leeves.

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