Baccalà alla livornese

1 kg wet stockfish, 500 gr ripe firm tomatoes, 1 onion, 2 cloves garlic, parsley, basil, white flour, extra-virgin olive oil, pepper.

Have you ever heard this name? Have you ever visited Tuscany without tring this dish? I guess!!! :-)
Skin the bone the stockfish, cut it into pieces, then dry them carefully, and dust with flour. Flavour a little oil with some chopped garlic and brown the fish on both sides, then leave to cook on a moderate heat, seasoning with a grind of pepper. Meanwhile prepare the tomato sauce: peel the tomatoes, seed them and put through the food-mill. Add this to the finely-chopped onion sautè in oil. Cook the sauce until the tomatoe water has evaporated, then add the chopped basil and parsley, pour over the fish and continue cooking for about half an hour.

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