Three vegetables meat

500 gr meat, 1 big white onion, 2 carrots, 1 celery stalk, olive oil, salt
First of all warm the olive oil, into a wide sauce pan. Then cut the carrots into small pieces and drop to cook. In the meanwhile, cut into small pices the onions and the celery and add the carrots. Let it cook at medium heat, it's important they take a brown color. When the vegetables are ready, add the meat. You can coose if whole piece, or cut into small pieces. In the second case it'll cook in a minor time. Let it cook at high heat, turning the meat on each side, to make it take a brown color. When it's ready on each sides, turn the heat down, at medium, and let it finish, for other 5 minutes. Take the vegetables off and blend them: you'll get a very soft cream. Cut the meat, if you choose to cook it whole piece and place into a tray, covering them with the cream.

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