Fish ravioli with shrimps and passionfruit

This the perfect pasta for S.Valentine Dinner!

1 onions, olive oil, pasta for lasagne, white wine, pasta for lasagne, 4 shrimps, Brandy liquor, tomatoe sauce, salt, passion fruit

Take a skillet and drop 3 tbsppons of olive oil, mince 1/4 of the onion and let it gold.
Then clean the fish ('gallinella' is perfect!), dry it with paper and spread with white flour, and cook well on both sides.
Steam with white wine, use more or less 1/3 glass and blend the mixture.
Cook the pasta, into boiling water, and lay on a cotton towel, then fill with a tablespoon of mixture, close the pasta into a triangle, cutting the exceeded slices.
Close the edges with a forch.
Prepare the sauce with 2 shrimps, cut into small pieces. Cut 1/4 onion and cook it into olive oil, add shrimps,
4 minutes cooking and steam with Brandy liquor, then add a tablespoon tomatoe sauce and salt.
Lay the ravioli into the skillet and let them cook for other 2-3 minutes max.
Decorate with passionfruit.
For special question, this' the chef address! ;-)!/photo.php?fbid=1662883105370&set=a.1477465790053.61675.1635993758

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