Yellow rice (saffron risotto)

Ingredient x people:
•1 onion, better white

•70 gr rice each person

•olive oil


•1,5 lt 'broth'

•3 coffe spoons saffron.

Preparation: Stir the onion, slitghly chopped, with the olive oil. When it'll be white and transparent, drop the rice and melt for a few seconds. Then, start adding the broth. Remember to take medium fire, and to melt slowly. When the rice will be nearly cooked, add the saffron. You can take off the fire and let it rest for a few. Serve with some parmisan cheese, separeted.

Suggestions: If you like to decorate, you can rub a round oven pot, distribute the rise inside, upside down and serve like a 'timballo'.

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